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ShadowClub...stalking some hot girls - 03 September 2011

My good friend and long time DOP James Frater (Kini Big Deal Cinematographer) approached awhile back and said lets make a one shot music video on his steadicam rig...of course I sad "Hell Yes!" Our only problem is we needed a band and a song, so the search began. Our initial idea relied on performance and we wanted a band that had a great frontman/lead singer. Immediatly I thought of Jacques Moolman from ShadowClub, I shot a TV special with him years ago when he was the lead singer in the now defunct Airship Orange. I contacted their bassist Louis Roux as I knew him personally and pitched the concept, he spoke to the band and they were keen. Fast forward a few weeks of logistical problems from both sides and the video is done with a great concept. Shot on the Arri Alexa courtesy of Media Film Services with James' Steadicam rig we pulled off a fantastic video. Special thanks to Natalie Small (Fiendish Production's Editor) for helping with the styling, she jumped at the chance to help out with her favourite South African band....waiting almost 2 years to actually do a music video for them...even though there was no editing. Special thanks to all the crew and the girls for helping out on this video. Here it it and spread it like a virus


shadow 01 shadow 03
shadow 02 shadow 04


Busy Times...Good Times! - 19 August 2011

Wow....been quiet here on the website but I can promise the lack of updates on the cyber front has been due to alot of great business and work. Fiendishly busy :)

SABC 2 have been keeping me really busy, first up was the Colour TV promos and the Official music video for 'It's Our Game' their Rugby World Cup 2011 support campaign. The Colour TV promos reunited me with the fantastic producer Lebo Mabotja and he special skills in casting and sourcing talent. The idea came from an original idea by SABC 2's Fortune Masina and I just threw in the Fiendish twist. Justus De Jager did an incredible job on the cinematography as usual and Natalie Small did great edit with a quick turnaround. The adverts were teased as seperate colours and launched as a final reveal of the Rainbow concept. The Promos were a huge success. You can view the final promo here

SABC 2 then allowed me to work on their 'It's Our Game' Music Video which promotes their RWC 2011 campaign. The track features Kwaito artist Professor and super producer Oskido with cameos from Oubaas (7de Laan) and Khanyi Mbau. The exciting part was shooting with the Red Epic - 5K camera from David Pienaar...epic! Justus De Jager, Gail Overton and others helped with the massive two day production and logistically massive video. The video was launched and a massive success. You can view the music video here

bok 01 bok 02 bok 03
bok 04 bok 05 bok 06
bok 07 bok 08 bok 09


Otherwise I've filmed a video for Khabonina, the final product brought her to tears it was so awesome (true story). Fiendish also re-united with Storm Records Nigeria to create a video for Banky W sponsored by Samsung Nigeria. Also starting a great business relationship with Creative Capital and Paul this space.

Recovery & Everything all at once - 02 June 2011

Thumb is recovering well, finally got the pins out of my don't wanna see anymore pics, promise! So much happening at the moment. Got to work with beautiful girls for the SANCA TV advert, Jacinda Louw, Soula & Nicole Flint. We are casting now for an SABC2 promo campaign. If you know anyone or interested please check out the deets here

Thumb Wars - 11 April 2011

Silly boy, I fractured and impacted my left thumb at training (wrestling class) on the 29th March. Doctor said the bone had concertina'd, understandable considering this massive guy crushed me. Went in for surgery and they skewered me with three massive pins to hold and stretch that bone...cringe! So I'm still working, its just a bit more difficult and slower. Managed everything my clients threw at me. Worked on some L'Oreal graphics for their merchandising division with The Event Production Company. I also did two animation pieces for Liberty Life with Derrick from Showgroup. And I'm still rocking the Fight Fit Militia edits. Check out the edit for Costa Ioannou, future EFC Africa lightweight champ. I have some exciting stuff coming in and working on at the moment. Yay for bunnies!



MV Showreel, Soldierboy, Eskom & a wedding - 22 March 2011

First things first, I've uploaded a small showreel of some my music videos. This isn't my full showreel but enough of a teaser to showcase my work. I promise I'll have a full showreel up shortly.

Secondly I did a quick video for Garreth "Soldierboy" Mclellan from my school Fight Fit Militia. He's fighting for the EFC Middleweight Title on April 14th 2011 at Carnival City. The video has been posted all over the web and a great write up appeared here on


Lastly I did the video for the Eskom 49m campaign launch. This video was presented to ministers and top business people at Turbine Hall on Friday 18th March 2011. Client was extremely happy with the job. This video was pure motion graphics and vectors, Adobe After Effects CS5 loves working with vectors which allowed me to do alot of cool things in 3D you aren't able to do with rasterized images.

Finally after eskom I spent the weekend at Hartebeespoort Dam for Sacha and Kathryn's Wedding. Sacha Matulovich, besides being one of my best friends from high school, is the founder of the Re:public Media Group and his wife is the Project Manager at Bonngoe Productions. The wedding was a top class production and beautiful. The champions of love!

sk wedding

Showreels - 7 March 2011

Been working on 3 showreels, Fiendish Productions, Showgroup and Bonngoe Productions. Most importantly I've updated the video section on the website. The scrolling one that I previously had... sucked..hard! Check out the new video section (click here)

Still working on videos for Fight Fit Militia... they're looking great. Garreth McLellan has asked me to work on his video for his personal website. Showgroup are keeping me busy with an Eskom 3 screen watchout video soon. I finished the TUKS Rag Queen 2011 shoot, it was super successful and Wayne is a happy client. There is also news about a music video coming in soon. I heart them music videos lank. More updates soon

Reel Fighting - 7 Feb 2011

Current projects I'm working on:

Updating my showreel, haven't done a full one yet for Fiendish. Since 2008 I've done a massive amount of work and worked with some geat artists and clients. Expect a something great and it'll definately have an edge to it \m/

Fight Fit Militia, I'm helping my gym with some marketing and I'm in the process of filming the fighters training for the next EFC. FFM's fighters are some of the most popular and best MMA fighters in the country. It's also something different to work on for a change, alot of hard work goes into their training and I'm looking forward to showcase this in these videos. I'm def aiming for a great showreel piece here, dynamic editing and powerful graphics. coming soon...

Work continues - 2 Feb 2011

Besides tweaking the website I've been finishing some vids. Jay Ghartey's 'Devil Weeping Video' is done (will post it up shortly). Joe (Jay's brother) from the label had some great things to say about the video "You killed it!!!! Thanks again man, this is fantastic!"

Otherwise the next few weeks are looking good, some fun work coming in. Filming and creating the event graphics for the TUKS RAG Queen 2011 Beauty Pageant, finishing a small corporate documentary for Novartis, another video for Jay Ghartey, some viral videos for Fight Fit Militia and few other things in the pipeline. Rad!

2011 South East Asia and back- 31 Jan 2011

I took some time off, 55 days to be exact! Lived in Bangkok for a month training Muay Thai kickboxing and then travelled South East Asia with some friends. I love that side of the world, they're the most amazing people! I was really sad to leave, made some great friends and could've spent a few more weeks there...easily.

But back to the grind here at Fiendish Productions. Been busy working on pitches, quotes and treatments. And getting the website updated and looking better. My fiend guy (logo guy) has had some tweaks and now is a perfect vector artwork. Rad! Expect some more Fiendish related updates soon..

snorkel koh lantamuay thaivang vieng