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Beauty & Some other things- 16 July 2014

Currently working on the video production for Mrs South Africa 2014, new esxciting graphics for them as well as all their video production leading up to the Grand finale In August 2014. Other jobs, More music videos, More GXF!

2011 - 2013

Well so much happened all too quickly and on top of each other. In summary, I'm a father now to 18 month old Zach and Fiancé to Liza. Liza is also now a Fiendish fiend, she currently tackles offline editing, Wardrobe and Art direction with a future in sound composition, Zach permitting. Personal stuff aside, business has never been better. below is a highlight of some of the jobs Fiendish has done over the last three years:

• SABC 2 TV commercial (Full Production)

• SABC 2 Summer campaign 2014 (Full production...airing Sept 2014)
• LUX* reality show (filmed in Maurituis and Reunion)
• Mrs South Africa 2012-2013 (GFX & AV production)
• Liberty DD AV for FoxP2 (Production & VFX - link coming soon)
• Alot of AV production for Graeme @Goodfoot Productions (Play, Fuze, Sprite, Axe)
• Axe - Win a Trip to Space AV (multiscreen job for the event....huge!)
• etc (sorry will update shortly)

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