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SABC 2 Colour Promo


32 Avalanche Street, Westdene

4th June 2011 (Saturday)

09h00 - 12h00

Please Contact Relebogile Mabotja to book a time PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGE!!!

• Lead Boy (6-8 years old) Indian Male. A kid playing video games, client wants a kid with a trendy haircut (mohawk)

• Lead Girl (12 - 18 years old) Black female. A young hipster trendy girl into the latest fashions and keeping up with friends on social networking sites.

• Lead Male (28 - 35 yrs old) White Male. A middle aged working class man. He is neat, clean cut and enjoys reading and the quiet life. He spends his nights relaxing with his wife.

• Lead Female (28-35 yrs old) White female. A middle aged and career woman. She is also clean cut and neat. Has the perfect life and is married to the perfect man

• Lead Male (22 - 30 yrs old) Coloured male. A yound succesfull man who has just landed a great job after completing his studies in accounts/law...something involving alot of work and overtime. Highly focused and not easily distracted. Clean cut and neat

• Lead Male (30 - 50 yrs old) Black male. A security guard. A very serious and focused man. He is also a very kind and honest person with a big warm smile

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